Geoff studied percussion at the University of Alberta where he received a Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree, and at Northwestern University in Illinois where he received a Master of Music in percussion performance. He has performed often with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, and appears on two CDs with them. He also appears on the CD "Snake Fence Country" with the Edmonton Wind Ensemble.
Geoff has been a featured performer at the New Music Chicago Festival, and has performed several times with musicians Corey Hamm and William H. Street. His primary teachers have been Brian Thurgood, Brian Jones, and Dr. Terry L. Applebaum. He performs recitals both as a soloist and as a member of chamber ensembles, and has also worked with the Deatcher/Hunter Project and his own jazz quartet. His playing experience has also included a number of musicals through E.L.O.P.E. and the University of Alberta's Studio Theatre, a decade with the Edmonton Youth Orchestra, and a number of country and rock bands.
While working at York University on a Ph.D. in Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Geoff has focused largely on Canadian and popular musics, and rhythm. In his research, he has explored ideas about rhythm, Celtic music in Canada, traditional ethnic musics in Canada, South African popular musics, Ukrainian music culture in Grande Prairie, and a number of other styles and musicians. He has also done research dealing with micro-temporal variations in the early funk music of James Brown, and in soul music.
Geoff has presented papers at conferences of the Society for Ethnomusicology, and the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (American chapter). In Alberta, he has presented a number of sessions on percussion for the Alberta Band Conference/Music Conference and the Mighty Peace Teachers' Conference, and on Electronic Music Notation for the Mighty Peace Teachers' Conference. An article on modern Canadian immigrant musics is in the newest (2001) edition of the
New Grove Dictionary of Music, and reviews of videos and recordings have appeared in the University of Bamberg's Ethnomusicology journal The World of Music. An entry on "Groove" was published in the 2012 edition of the New Grove Dictionary of American Music. Geoff is currently working with Gillian Turnbull on a book about popular music on the prairies, tentatively entitled Grassland Sounds.
Geoff is the past chairperson of the Fine Arts Department, and has been working on his Ph.D at York University, doing research at a number of Albertan Folk Music Festivals for a dissertation that explores motivations to attend, and the benefits of attending, music festivals.